Anna Eriksson spent her youth in many different locations. She has lived in Tanzania, Saudi-Arabia and India. Her father is an engineer and has been working abroad for years. Where he went, the whole family followed.

Anna kept her emotions and eyes open, even though the spirit of motherland was always within. ”Longing is something that has strongly affected me and my songs. I was often homesick, but when we came back to Finland, I found myself missing the sounds and sunsets of Africa, or the spicy air hanging above the streets of Varanasi. I was an outsider, but when I think about it now, I understand how much it molded my personality in a good sense. I learned a great deal about myself, about humanity. People are the same everywhere. and you belong just by living your life passionately and honestly. I write songs because I have to, I have things to say. Mostly they are conversations with myself, the things I fear, things I dream about. In a way, it’s another world, another life, that I live through my songs.”

Music has played a big part in Anna’s life, straight from the beginning.” As a kid, I was always looking forward to bedtime with my brother, because usually our parents would sing and play the guitar for us. I think they were enjoying it as much as we did, that is if you count the voluntary encores!”, Anna says and laughs. ” The first enormous musical thrill I remember having, was on a holiday at a beach in Mombasa, Kenia. I listened to ABBA through these huge Walkmans we had, and sipping juice from a coconut shell. I was so happy, so happy. Angneta and Frida’s voices soothed me, made me feel strong, cool, something more that I was. I was five years for God’s sake! Thinking about it now, I realized that music is just one of the things that inspire me, but it is definitely an important part of the other art forms I enjoy. All my fantasies and memories have a toon in them.”